Monday, May 06, 2013

Gus the Bus.

Our weekend was pretty uneventful, aside from the COLD monsoon we had...oh and are still having. Yuck!!! Luckily, the next several days look to be warm and sunny and I welcome them with open arms!!

We knew that with twins coming and 3 carseats on the horizon, we'd need a bigger car. Or a differently formatted car, I guess I should say. My Explorer is super nice and has a 3rd row(but we keep it down most of the time), but to get back to it involves a little flexibility and acrobatics. And there's no way 3 carseats will fit on the 2nd row, especially since Hudson's is so big. So, we started internet shopping for a Tahoe or Yukon with the pass-through 2nd row bucket seats to easily access the 3rd row. Once we actually went to look at one, we quickly realized it wouldn't work, because with the 3rd row up, there's enough storage space for like 3 bags. That's not gonna cut it. When our party of 5 is heading out of town to see family, or go on vacation, we've got to have enough room for everything but the kitchen sink that we'll take with us, right? ;)
With those out of the question, we moved our search to a Suburban or Yukon XL. Ya know...the ones that are practically buses? (we even thought about just buying a church van with our own personalized logo on it! HA!) Do you have any idea how hard it is to find one of those with the 2nd row bucket seats? And if you do find one, it's gone in a day!
After finding a few we liked, having them sell faster than we could even inquire about them, we finally found a beautiful one. In Georgia. Over 3 hours away. Joy.
So after a long day of driving, we got a GREAT trade in value and said goodbye to our old faithful....the Accord....
She's been mighty good to us over the last 5+ years.
And became the proud owners of "Gus". "Gus the Bus". 
 Ah, that break in the rain was so nice yesterday.
And we are officially "those" people who park as far away from other cars as possible. ;) Mostly because we're still getting used to parking this thing. Our Explorer looks like a baby next to it in the garage.
And can you believe he fits in there?? Fold down the mirrors (which you can do with a button from the driver's seat, thank goodness) and it fits like a glove. A toddler's glove, but a glove nonetheless. 
Aside from the super awesome back-up camera, which is really invaluable in a tank like this, especially with small children you want to keep extra safe, the best feature about this car??
The audio input for my iPhone!! Y'all! I cannot tell you how many FM transmitters I've gone through over the last 4 years. Let's just say...a lot and they all stunk!
Like, I can't explain my love for this invention. And that's kinda sad.

Other than adopting Gus, we really didn't do much this weekend. 
We walked around the mall Sunday and Hudson had the play area all to himself.

 We also found Bry Bry at the toy store. "How much is that Bryant in the window?"
This seriously cracks me up.

Speaking of Bryant, he's an injured little guy. His leg has been bothering him for a little while and we just chalked it up to the possibility that he hurt his foot outside or something. It was hard to tell exactly what part of his leg was hurting. Joseph took him to the vet last week and it turns out he has a tear either in his ACL or the meniscus. They don't think it's a full ACL tear, which is GREAT!! But, it'll still need to be fixed. They may scope it, they may open him up, we're not sure yet. Our vet doesn't do this type of surgery, so she referred us to a couple surgeons who are board certified to do it. We just have to pick one and get this all scheduled. We plan to do it soon...hopefully in the next week or so. We've got to get him back to 100% so he can play with sister Marley and brother Hudson. It breaks my heart to see him injured. Poor thing has been through it. We almost lost him to Lyme Disease when he was about 6 months old. Do you know how rare that is?? He's also had to have a couple cysts removed before, hence the scar on his head. The vet also found a little arthritis in his back and knees, but nothing too major. He'll be 7 in October so we've got to keep him healthy so he can be around for many many more years!!!

We celebrated Cinco de Mayo with Mexican take-out last night and pretty much just enjoyed spending the day together...nothing big.

I'm more than ready for some pretty days ahead so we can get out and play. 

How was your weekend???


  1. Love the suburban! As one of 3 kids, I can tell you, the bus is NECESSARY!!! Just call my dad if you need any affirmation. He actually just quit driving suburbans a year or 2 ago because he just loved them!!


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