Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

As a mom, you rarely think about doing things for yourself. It's just natural for moms to put everyone else first. That's what makes mothers so special. I'm blessed with one of the most selfless, caring, and giving moms in the world and she set(and still sets) such an amazing example for me as a mom.
Are we mothers perfect? Of course not! Do we make mistakes? YES! Do we lose our cool at times? Take a guess! Do we want you to get us anything for Mother's Day? Probably not! Yeah, you read that right. We don't want or expect you to get us anything. If nothing more, just a simple hug, kiss, and thank you for all we do is sufficient enough. I know it is for me, anyway.
BUT, it's always nice to receive a little token of love and appreciation. I think we'll all admit that. 
If you're looking for gift ideas for the mother(s) in your life, it doesn't have to be elaborate or expensive. You can still show your mom your love without blowing your budget.
Here are just a few ideas I found and especially liked.

For the mom who loves beauty products:
Clinique Pretty in Pinks & Plums Set via Sephora

For the mom who likes to be pampered:
The Care Package by Philosophy via Sephora

For the foodie:

1 Dozen Gourmet Dipped Swizzled Strawberries via Shari's Berries
Most moms have a little sweet tooth but also like to be conscious of what they eat. Throw in some fruit and you've got the instant "healthy" indulgence, no? :) I love Edible Arrangements but they don't deliver everywhere, so this is a great alternative and they have a great selection of different gift ideas.
This is another fave...
If you want to spoil mom for 2 days in a row...this one includes flowers on Day 1, then 6 decadent strawberries on Day 2. It's only $50! On some sites, you'd pay that much for the flowers alone!

For the gardener(AKA: NOT ME!!)

Apollo 7 pc. Pink Garden Tool Set via Target

For the music lover:
You can never go wrong with an iTunes gift card!

For the coffee lover:
Green Mountain Coffee K-Cups

Starbucks Gift Card

What NOT to get mom for Mother's Day (or any other day for that matter):
1. Unless she specifically mentions she'd like one of these things, don't get her a blender, toaster, or any other cooking appliance. Also don't get her a vacuum or any cleaning tool. Just, no. Gifts like these tend to say, "I love you, now go clean those floors." Beware.

2. A fluffy pair of slippers and/or robe. This is kinda the equivalent to the popular Father's Day gift of the shirt and tie. Been there, done that. We're all set. Unless she's expressed that she needs to replace her slippers that are full of holes, just don't.

3. An article of clothing that's not her size. Unless you are 100% sure it's her size, don't get it. There's nothing worse than getting a shirt or dress for a gift only to find it's too small. Major blow to the ego. The thought is nice, but no woman wants to try on something that's too tight, then have to take it back to the store. A gift card to a clothing store is a better option.

4. A random perfume box set from a drugstore. We women are very picky about the fragrances we spray on our bodies, if we use any at all. Drugstores (CVS, Walgreen's, etc) tend to have great selections of boxed sets for gifts, but beware. These are usually cheap fragrances that often smell like some kind of cleaning solution or industrial solvent. If you don't know what kind of perfume she prefers, opt out of this gift idea. Perfume is very much about personal preference.

Now, remember, moms don't need extravagant gifts, jewels, roses, etc. A nice card, along with a hug, kiss, and thank you is really all we need or want. I think as humans, we all just want to know someone thought of us. It's nice to be made to feel special, though, and sometimes having breakfast made for us or the dishes washed, or the groceries bought is special enough! Doing something to show your appreciation means so much more than clicking on the internet to order some flowers that will be delivered by a stranger. I mean, flowers are nice and all (and if you don't have the time or means to do anything else then that's a great gift), don't get me wrong, but we women really appreciate the ACTIONS!! Take your child(ren) out for lunch or to play while your wife has a couple hours to herself to take a bath, watch her favorite shows, or take a nap. Watch your child(ren) for a while so she can go shopping, get her hair done, or have lunch with friends.

Whatever you do for Mother's Day, spend time with the special mothers in your life and tell them how much you love them. That time spent together is worth more than anything you could ever buy.


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