Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Miracle in a Bottle, For Your Dishes!

If you're on Pinterest, you've probably seen this around...

And if you're like me, you thought "Oh please, like that'll ever work. How is this supposed to fix my scratched dishes?"

Well, Miss Sceptic here decided to give it a try on our white dishes that have accumulated quite a bit of scratches. 
I grabbed these at Publix. They're seriously like $2 a piece, so I didn't feel bad if it didn't work since I didn't sink a bunch of money into them.
They're sold at a lot of grocery stores. You can find all retailers at their website.
Having no idea what I was really doing, or how much of this stuff to use, I tackled one of my most scratched dishes to test it out and just ran with it.

I started out with the soft cleanser. This would probably do more for flat dishes, such as plates...something it can sit on for a bit. The liquid didn't really stick to the sides of the bowl well but it did make a difference in the appearance of some scratches.
You can see it really didn't effect the sides too much, but did help the bottom.

Next, I tried the can of powder. You basically work it and a little bit of water into a paste and rub it in a bit. Let it sit for about a minute and rinse. 
I'm absolutely amazed!! While it's not in perfect, brand new condition, it's just about as close as it gets. I'm a believer!! I plan to take this stuff to all of our dinnerware either just before we move, or right after. I can't wait to see how all my plates look afterward!
If you've got some plates with unsightly scratches, you have got to try this stuff out! It's too easy and too cheap not to try! And the results speak for themselves. Now, I don't know how long these results will last, but I'm anxious to find out. I'll update you on how the dishes are looking several weeks from now. I'm hoping they don't go back to their old scratched up selves after just a few runs in the dishwasher. If they do, I will definitely let you know!
I imagine they'll need periodic treatments of this stuff to keep them looking good, though.


  1. That's awesome, the look like new dishes! Do you know if it lasts long, like after they are washed?

  2. Love that stuff! We use it on our stainless steel cookware and it lasts until the pot/pan is used again.


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