Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Big Day for Bry Bry

Tomorrow morning, our sweet Bryant ("Bry-Bry") will be having surgery to repair his knee. After a consultation with a surgeon, we learned he officially has a ruptured ACL (actually a CCL in an animal...cranial, as opposed to anterior...basically the same thing, though). Fortunately, the doctor can do a minimally invasive procedure that he's done thousands of times so recovery hopefully won't be absolutely horrendous. (nor will cost!!) 
Recovery won't be easy, though. He'll have to be under "crate care" for 4 weeks, with limited trips outside, except mostly for potty breaks. And those have to be on a leash. It'll be like walking him outside our apartment as a puppy again. Oy. 
The hardest part will be keeping sister Marley from getting him riled up, jumping on him, etc. They love to play and wrestle so that will be a tough adjustment for a while. Our current house will also be listed for rent in the next week, so that will make showings difficult. People will just have to get over the crated Boxer in the bedroom.  There's no loading him up in the car. Sorry, not sorry.
He's our first baby, and we got him 2 weeks after our wedding. He'll be 7 in October, so he's still pretty young and I'm hoping he bounces back from this quickly and easily. After almost losing him to Lyme Disease when he was a puppy(most terrifying thing ever!!), and undergoing surgery to remove a cyst from his head a few years back, we're pretty protective of him and worry about him a lot. My pets are most definitely part of the family so when they don't feel their best, I take it just as seriously as I would if it were a person.
We're hoping and praying the surgery goes off without a hitch, they don't find any further damage to his knee once they're in there, and he's better before we know it!!

Hudson has to have his best buddy to play with outside this Summer.

And Marley needs her peanut butter begging partner-in-crime to help out with his sad, (literal)puppy dog eyes.

 He may be an older, wiser(I use that term loosely) man now, but we love him as if he were still our tiny baby who could fit in our laps and curl up into our arms to sleep. (which he'd still totally do, if we'd let him)

 Through lots of hugs...
 and kisses....
and maybe even a little peanut butter...
we'll get him through the recovery and back to his old, spastic, loving, hyper, "special" self.

Can y'all just keep Bry Bry in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow morning as he goes through surgery? While we have faith he'll be fine, I always worry when they have to be put under. 
He's been through a lot for a dog his age and has always been a trooper.
I'll update on him after his surgery.


  1. Oh my cuteness! I will be saying doggie prayers for Bryant to have a quick recovery! My little Gracie turned 7 back in March and she is the older of our two is tough and heart breaking when they are sick or hurt.


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