Wednesday, May 22, 2013

21 Week Appointment

This morning we had our 21 week checkup, which included the big anatomy scan of the twins. I was pretty anxious and a little nervous. I'm usually a little anxious before every ultrasound, but this one was big. The tech spent more time than normal, checking out the babies' hearts, brains, and all the major organs. I am so relieved and so thankful to know that they both look absolutely perfect!!! It's also nice to know that little girl, is still a little girl. ;-) She's a lot more bashful than her brother, who's willing to show off the goods any time. He also likes to kick his sister in the head, apparently. A handful already!!
My doctor continues to be pleased with how the babies are looking and I hope it stays that way! We are just endlessly thankful for healthy babies and a healthy pregnancy. I could complain about being hot, tired, huge, and uncomfortable, but long as they're doing well, I'll tolerate all of that and more.

Their sweet little profiles.
Mr. Grayson. He weighs 13 oz.

Miss Raegan. The first profile we've ever gotten of her. She's usually looking straight at us. 
She's weighing in at 15oz!

They also got their first monogrammed items and they are precious!
It's so sweet to see their names on something for the first time. I'm trying to resist buying them many clothes, especially monogrammed clothes, until I have a better idea of how big they'll be. I love the colors in these burp cloths and they're pretty much the exact colors I plan to use in their room.
Speaking of which, I can't wait to start putting that together. :)

Happy Wednesday, y'all!!


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