Wednesday, May 01, 2013

The Boy/Girl Nursery Challenge

I've had nursery ideas floating around in my head since I found out we were expecting twins. I knew if it were 2 girls, I wanted to do coral and aqua, with some grays in there of course, b/c I heart gray, if you didn't already know this. For 2 boys, I liked the idea of a simple turquoise/gray theme. Whatever the case, I knew I wanted simple, clean, and modern.

Finding out we're having a boy and a girl, that makes things a little more complicated. But it also gives me a few options. I could go the obvious gender neutral way, with colors that will work for any child....go all out with a mixture of pink and blue, giving each baby their respective colors for bedding, some pink/blue prints on the walls, accessories, etc....or I could go completely neutral, with really no "colors" at all, gray, white, etc. 

I've decided the first (and obvious) option is the way I want to go. It's OK to go with the obvious choice sometimes. :) And I just can't handle having one side of the room blue and one side pink.
I need cohesion, people!
So, here are my ideas.
Let's start with the cribs.
Babyletto Modo 3-in-1 Crib via
I've loved this crib since before Hudson was born and wanted it for him, but we decided on a more masculine, full-size bedroom set that he can grow with for MANY years! His crib converts into a full-size bed, while these just convert into a toddler bed, but we'll still be able to use them for a few years.

Aside from 2 cribs, I just plan on having a dresser/changing table combo and a chair in the room. (probably just moving Hudson's chair in the twins' room) I want minimal furniture so it's nice and open and airy. An extra crib will take up enough space, but thankfully the room has a good long wall for them both to sit along.
I'll probably go with a simple white dresser to use as storage and a changing table....

Although part of me wants to be bold and go with something like....

I think simple gray and white bedding will be the way I go, and for the accent color...yellow!!
And I adore that light aqua lamp on the dresser!! A few small splashes of that color would be fab, but wouldn't make things too masculine for little miss.

Most of all, I want it to be a calming space with plenty of room so it's open and airy and you're not walking into furniture everywhere you go.
Between my own imagination and Pinterest, I have so many ideas rattling around in my head and I need to narrow them down eventually. :)

Happy Wednesday!!


  1. I think that is going to be so pretty! perfect for a boy and a girl. :)


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