Wednesday, September 19, 2012

17 Month Must-Haves

Hudson will be 17 months old (SERIOUSLY?) tomorrow, and I thought I'd do a post about our must-have items. When Hudson was younger, I often wondered what kinds of things he'd need to have as a toddler. Maybe this will help other moms as they are out getting things for their soon-to-be toddlers.

First up, the Munchkin Snack Catcher
These are amazing, especially for traveling. It took Hudson a little practice to get it down, but now he can just sit in his carseat and eat his snack on his own and I don't have to worry about having to pick up 8,397 Goldfish off the floor. Of course, he still drops some here and there but spills are minimal.

Another great feeding item, the Playtex Gripper Straw Cup

Y'all, just trust me on this. I've done the leg-work for you. We have tried SO. MANY. different sippy cups, including all kinds of cups with straws. This one is just by far the best one we've found. At first, I had issues with the "milk volcano" that would come out of the straw, but I figured out I was just tightening it too tight and quickly. If you let it sit for a minute, the milk will settle better in the bottom of the straw and this won't happen. You also don't have to tighten it as far as it will go. It's the most spill-proof cup I've found and I highly recommend it.

Next up, the Disposable Placemat

These bad boys are invaluable to me. I keep them in the diaper bag and just stick one down when we go out to eat. I am the biggest germaphobe and cannot let my child eat off the table, and I'm just entirely too nervous to let him eat off a breakable plate! I know exactly where it'd end up in about 2.7 minutes. I can't rave enough about this invention.

Going along with the placemat, the ever-important Wet Ones

We go through some Wet Ones in our house. They also make the pocket packs for traveling.

Ok, I think this item has been in every single post like this I've done. If I had to pick ONE thing I HAD to have, it'd most definitely be this.
I owe my child's ability to sleep through the night to this thing. I can't tell you how much I love this invention. We didn't have it from the beginning, but when we got it at around Hudson's 4 month birthday, it made ALLLLLLLLLL the difference in the world. It has several sounds and volumes, also plays lullabies, and has an MP3 port. It has a timer (but we play it all night long and for naps too), and has a battery back-up. However, when it's on battery back-up, it only plays one sound and the lowest volume, but hey, it's better than nothing!

The next one's for ME!
There's no way I would make it without the Summer Infant Monitor
Let me just say, the price on this has really gone down!! Ours didn't even come with the separate handheld monitor either. This is a God-send and I advise all new moms and dads to get this!!! I'd go bananas if I couldn't hear AND SEE Hudson! Just trust me and get it.

We got this car seat when Hudson was ready to transition from his infant Chicco seat. He loves this seat and never fussed once when he first tried it out. He seems very comfortable in it. It has the LATCH system and thankfully our Explorer does too, which made this a breeze to install. It can be installed the traditional way, also. 

This is a no-brainer, Orajel.

Hudson always has the worst time with teething and Orajel is a life saver for us. It works super fast and lasts a while so he's able to get relief during the day or to get some good sleep.

Now, the next items are just a few of his must-have toys at the moment.

Hudson has gotten obsessed with this shape sorter lately. I can tell it's really helping him learn his shapes.

Hudson has a slightly different version of this, and it has really helped his fine motor skills. He LOVES building things and I plan to get him a big bucket of Mega Bloks soon. 

He loves books and has really gotten into looking at and reading them in the last few months. I love walking into his playroom and seeing him looking at one. :)

This is a great learning toy. It has a clock, shapes to sort, a mail slot, numbers and letters, etc. Hudson has really started loving this recently. It's a little pricey but he can use it for a few years and it's a great interactive learning tool.

I'm sure there a few other things I could add to the list, but given my mommy brain, I can't think of them right now. I'll definitely add to this list if I think of them. I hope some other moms find this helpful as their babies grow into toddlers and they're looking for things to try out for their child.


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