Friday, September 14, 2012

Silly Man

Hudson just keeps me laughing all day. Whether it's his OCD-ness, his constant torturing of the dogs, his big belly laugh I love, or his silly faces, he is hysterical. He's quite the entertainer. 

Below are some examples of the silly faces of which I speak....

Even this makes me laugh. Mostly because of what's next.

And then there's his OCD, determined personality....trying SO hard to get that shoe on.

 Oh well, he tried.

Sweetest face I've ever seen. He can be quite the loving cuddle bunny too.

We went outside for a bit earlier and he found an empty water bottle that was left out there. Heaven!

What's a boy to do with an awesome water bottle?
 Chase "Bry Bry" with it, duh!

 Bryant ran from him until he saw what he had in his hand.

 If there's anyone who loves an empty water bottle, it's Bryant!

 Such a tease!
 Bryant wants that bottle SO bad and it cracks Hudson up.

I absolutely love spending my days with this dude. He keeps me in stitches all the time. 

I'm so glad it's Friday! We love having daddy home for the weekend. This weekend is going to be a fun, but busy one. I'm going to bed extra early tonight to prepare for it!

I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend and RTR!!


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