Monday, September 17, 2012

Party Animals

Whew! I am one tired woman after our busy (but fun) weekend. We celebrated 2 birthdays in 2 different states and it was a blast! Saturday, we headed down to Gadsden to celebrate Joseph's grandfather's 80th birthday for lunch. I managed to get so busy taking care of Hudson, catching up with family, and other things that I didn't take one single picture. We had a great lunch and some tasty cake to celebrate his big day, which is actually tomorrow. We also got to catch up with family we don't see too often and watch almost the entire first half of the Bama game before we finally headed home so Hudson could nap in the car and we could spend a few hours at home together before it was bed time. We all hit the sack a little early so we could hit the road the next morning for our next birthday celebration! 

We all drove up to Nashville (only about 2 hours from us) to surprise my SIL Melissa for her 30th birthday.(once again, it is actually Wednesday, the day after her grandfather's) She and her hubby weren't able to make it down for his celebration, but we had plans to see them anyway!! We decided a few weeks back it would be fun to throw some kind of surprise 30th party for her and thought it would be fun to just show up at their house...kind of like bringing the party to her! Jonathan had her get ready, making her think he was going to take her out to lunch or something. He told her they needed to go outside to the front and he had a surprise for her. About that time, we were pulling up right in front of their house. She obviously knew something was going to happen, but had no idea we had driven up to surprise her with a birthday party! There were also some of their close friends who came, but we were the first ones to arrive and it was fun to see her face. 

We enjoyed a lunch of lasagna (made by my MIL), salad, a delicious cake (brought by my BIL and SIL) and some friends brought some very tasty dips and chips. We spent a few hours just catching up, getting to know people we didn't know very well, and honoring the birthday girl. 

Blowing out her candles....all 21 of them. You don't age after 21, right?? smiling, Hudson looking away. 

 Hudson LOVES dogs, and Banjo was no different. He was obsessed with her.

 She was really sweet with him. Good to know for the future, huh Melissa? ;-)

Seriously....this kid adores "goggns" (And all dogs are named Bry Bry, BTW)

 Sweet girl. This is the dog my parents rescued one day (I guess it's been about a year or so now) when they saw someone throw her out a car window. Seriously. She was a tiny puppy at the time too. WHO DOES THAT?
Melissa and Jonathan took her in and she's just as happy as she can be...and very much loved now!!!

Only interested in the "goggn". 

Wait....there we go!

Oh..did I mention Jonathan and Melissa have a pet pig? Oh, well, in that Roxanne! She's only about 5 months old now, so she's not NEAR as big as she will one day be. :) 

Pigs graze and eat all kinds of greens, leaves, flowers, etc. She loves these purple flowers they have in their backyard. Banjo thought she needed one too and we were trying to keep it away from her. Roxy was getting a little impatient. I'm that way too when I'm hungry. ;)

I'm not that impatient, though. HA! Don't worry, she wasn't biting Hudson. She was just opening her mouth, looking for the next flower she could find. She isn't aggressive at all. 

 That's better!!

 Yum yum!

Hudson did not know what to think of Roxanne, but he liked her.

 One more treat.

 And a semi-hug. I think Hudson would be all over a trip to the zoo!! I hope to take him soon.

"Gimme another flower, kid!"
Seriously, isn't she so cute!?!?

 Jonathan(standing) and his brother, Alan. 

I like the next series of events. 


 Hudson and his Pop.

 Uncle Adam making Hudson look good.

The fam. Adam, Kerrie, Priscilla(MIL), Melissa, Jonathan, Tommy(FIL), and me and my boys. (I'm not sure why I look completely awkward in this one but at least everyone else looks absolutely fabulous! Great family pic!) 

The birthday girl and her hubby. Thanks, Jonathan, for helping us make this happen! 

A friends pic. (although we should have had Alan in the family pic too) 

A better picture of Miss Roxanne. And yes, I was singing Phoebe's version of "Roxanne" in my head yesterday. (ya know......"Ross can. Ross can. Get me the tickets! Ross can, GET ME THE TICKETS!!") I know some of my friends will get this. ;-)

 I think he spotted the "goggn" again. 

Coulda been such a good picture, Adam! 

We had a BLAST this weekend, celebrating birthdays with friends and family, and getting to catch up with those we don't get to see that much. Hudson is NOT a good car napper so he slept good last night and will go down for his 2nd nap of the day soon. I wouldn't mind joining him, but I've got too much cleaning and laundry to catch up on! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well. 


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