Thursday, September 06, 2012

Coming Along...

The playroom is getting there. Slowly, but's coming along. A little bit at a time. My parents have taken the mattress off our hands and will use it in their guest room. This has left a clean space ready for decorating and accessorizing. 

My mom and I checked out this awesome furniture store in town today, called Nadeau. They carry beautiful furniture and decor for pretty good prices. Most of what they get in is painted, making it ideal for a fun playroom or kid's room. They also have dark wood pieces, including beautiful dining sets, bookcases, tables, etc.

I went in looking for either a light aqua-ish or yellow piece to use for toy storage. I saw so many beautiful pieces and would've been just fine getting all of them, but my husband might divorce me if I did that. ;-) 

After much deliberation, I decided on this beauty......

It's a gorgeous light aqua color that I've discovered is not the easiest shade to find so I HAD to have it.
We hit up Target to scope out their bins and I didn't see exactly what I was thinking about, so I decided to mix it up with these red and blue bins. I was apprehensive about combining different colors and sizes, but I really like the way it looks. I decorated it quickly for a few pics so it will probably be changed a little bit once I spend more time on it. I got all the bins they had of each kind, but I could probably use one or two more of each. Hopefully they'll get some more and I can get all those too. ;)

My grandparents gave me this table and chairs set. I played on it as a little girl, as did my mom and aunt. It's old and has seen a lot of play-dough meals, but it's still in great condition. It needs a little sanding and painting and it will look wonderful.
 **The little broom in the corner belonged to my Fatdaddy**

I'm not sure what color I'll paint it but I'm considering yellow, with a chalkboard top. We'll see.

I love these chevron bins. They're a little smaller, but perfect those little pesky toys that get lost so easily, and I love the pop of pattern they bring into the room. 

And as I was attempting to organize the room and get it camera-ready.......someone had a different plan in mind....

One thing about Hudson, though, is he will always clean up after himself. He can make the biggest mess but when you ask him to clean it up, he does......for now, anyway! ;-)

I'm so pleased with how it's coming along, and I would big time LOVE to get the table/chairs painted this weekend. I think it's very doable so hopefully it can happen. I want to get a smaller piece to go on the opposite wall to put a TV on and use as more toy storage. I found a few options at the furniture store but nothing that I was just in love with. I plan to return soon to see else they may get in.

It's still a long way from being "done" but it'll get there. I just have to remind myself to take it a step at a time. :)


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