Wednesday, March 27, 2013

13 Week Appointment

We had our 13 week appointment & ultrasound today and it went great! We were thrilled to see that both babies are doing wonderful and growing right on track. As much as Joseph was dying to find out what we've got cookin' in there, it was too early to tell. Hopefully we'll find out in 4 weeks when we go back.

We got to get a good look at both babies today and see what they're up to. "Baby A" was so funny. He/she was just laying there playing with his/her feet and hands the whole time. So sweet. Heart rate was 154.
 Look at that pretty profile!

"Baby B" was on his/her side, hence the semi-creepy skeleton face. Haha! Heart rate was 150.
The u/s tech mentioned that Baby B was slightly bigger than A. Not in a worrisome way. Just measuring slightly longer. 

Here's a view of both babes. It looks like they're in the same sac, but they're not. Their sacs are just a lot closer together now.
It's still so weird to see two babies in there hanging out at the same time!!

My doctor is very pleased with how the babies are looking and how I'm looking as well. 
It was great to hear that and to see them bouncing around in there. We just need healthy, happy babies!! That's what I keep hoping and praying for. 

Happy Wednesday!! It's a beautiful day in Alabama. I hope it's a beautiful one where you are too!!


  1. SO exciting!! I can't wait to find out if they are girls or boys or even one of each!!!

  2. Maybe since Baby B is a little longer, that is the boy and Baby A is the girl! : ) You look so gorgeous in the picture! I can't wait to find out about those babies!


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