Thursday, March 07, 2013

Spring Fever!

I know we are ALL jonesin' for Spring right about now. Am I right? There's something about that first day of March that really does it for me. I feel like once March hits, it should instantly turn at least 60 degrees. Sadly, it doesn't happen just like that. In Alabama, it's not until around the end of March or beginning of April that it's consistently in the 60s for the highs. Oh how I'm ready for it. Ready for the 70s...and the 80s!! I'd be fine if it didn't go any higher than that, but who am I kidding. This Summer will be one for the books, I'm sure, since I'll be waddling like a penguin while it's 105 outside. ;-) 

There are some things that I am just SO ready for that come along with the Spring/Summer months.


I LOVE a good maxi dress and I have a feeling I'm going to live in them over the Summer months. I have a few but will need to add a few to my wardrobe. I am dying to get this one(and every other gorgeous color they have) and am hoping they still have some left in the morning. Trying really hard to wait until payday like the hubby asks. :)
I am planning to wear regular clothes as much as I can(nothing worse than wasting a bunch of money on maternity clothes), and thankfully, maxi dresses and other warm weather clothes lend themselves to stretchiness for a big baby belly.

I am also SO looking forward to driving with the sunroof open and the windows down. This girl loves her sunroof.

One thing I'm excited about that's happening in just a few days....the TIME CHANGE!!!! YAY!! Another hour of sunlight. And with warmer weather, this is so nice on those evenings when you're just not ready to stop playing outside. ;)

Who doesn't love fun nail colors?!?! Essie's the best, BTW.
via Essie

And Spring means it's getting close to that beach vacation!! 
Well, we were planning on going to the beach before we found out about the second bundle of joy camped out in there. A second baby changes a LOT, especially financially, so if we do go it'll probably be a shorter trip. Hopefully we can at least get a little weekend getaway in there somewhere this Summer. I have a feeling it'll be much needed before September rolls around. ;-)

Of course, there's the endless outdoor grilling, runs to Sonic for a cool treat, and watching Hudson wear himself out play his heart out outside in the beautiful sun!

It all can't get here soon enough!

What things are you jonesin' for about Spring?


  1. I absolutely lived in dresses while I was pregnant! They were just so easy and I still looked and felt great! We are hoping to take a mini vacay to the beach too! We used to lived In NC near the beach and miss it!

    1. I'm looking forward to easy dresses and flowy tops during this pregnancy. I went through my first pregnancy during the cold months so I had to wear pants most of the time. Although maternity pants are comfy, I hated spending money on them! I hope you're able to take a nice vacation. :)

  2. Just painted my nails with essie!!

    1. Essie is THE BEST!! Love their colors and how long the polish lasts on my nails.


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