Wednesday, March 20, 2013

It's All in The Details

If you remember from this post, I recently updated our bedding accessories with coral & peacock blue accents. I am in LOVE with it, but the other little details in the room needed some tweaking to coordinate.

First, I changed out a few things in the wall collage. I found all of these online so they didn't cost me a thing. (unless you count a couple sheets of paper and a little ink)
Love this coral monogram. It's the same blue one we had, but now it matches the pretty pillows on the bed.
 Coral quatrefoil pattern to play off the duvet on the bed.
 I've always loved the & symbol for decorative accents, especially in the bedroom or a spot dedicated to a couple....because we're an "&"! 
It's cute and has some meaning behind it, which I like.

I mentioned yesterday that we moved the TV over to the other wall across from the bed, to the dresser that had the mirror on it. We removed the mirror (since we have a leaning mirror now) and put the TV there. It was too close to the bed anyway and it's opened up the room so much more after moving it.
I was torn about what to do with the chest of drawers that the TV was on, but I finally put some stuff together on it this afternoon.

I found our old engagement picture that we had our wedding guests sign and thought it'd be perfect to put on the chest of drawers and lean against the wall.
 I added a couple more pictures, and some decorative candlesticks and voila!
I also really like how there's a picture from each stage of our relationship. Pre-wedding, wedding, and our life with Hudson.
 I love this picture frame and the fact that it has coral in it. I got it at Hobby Lobby last week not even knowing where it would go, just that I HAD to have it, especially since it was just $9(1/2 off)!! 
I'll probably tweak this set-up a little bit, but for now, I love it. It's accessorized, but not overly-so, and everything that's included is something special. I like using things with special meanings whenever possible. They make me love a room even more!

Happy Wednesday!!


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