Friday, March 08, 2013

High Five for Friday!!

Better late than never, right?

Anyway, it's late and mama's tired so here we go...

1. Hudson has been SO sweet this week. He's always sweet but he's really enjoyed sitting in my lap and watching Bubble Guppies or other shows lately. He's such a good cuddler. I cherish these moments and am so so thankful I'm home with him to soak in these last months with just him. He is precious. 
 He kept his hand like this for at least 10 minutes. Sweet baby.

2. I've felt a little better the last few days and had my first real craving. Mall Chinese food! There's just something about Chinese from the mall! Our mall has THE BEST lo mein, which is my weakness. I asked and my hubby delivered. He's a sweet man.

3. This little guy.....always into something, but most of the time when he's getting into things he's actually trying to help. Of course, with a toddler, usually when they're "helping", they're making a bigger mess in the process, but how else is he going to learn how to do things? I just have to be patient. He was trying to fill the dog bowls in this picture. He'll open the pantry door and scoop out about 20 pieces at a time, then walk over to the bowls and get about 5 of those pieces in the bowl. HA!

4. I finally got some stuff ordered for Hudson's birthday party. It's going to be SUPER cute! 
Are there really just 43 days until my baby turns TWO!?!?!

5. Friday night Mexican date with my boys. I actually felt like eating Mexican tonight and it was good! I've missed my cheese dip and chips! We rounded out our night with a run to Target! Of course!

I hope y'all had a great week. Enjoy your weekend, especially if it involves warmer, sunny weather! YAY! :)

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  1. I took a picture with my little man likes this not too long ago. These moments are so precious. Hope you are feeling well :)


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