Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I hate missing a day, but sometimes the day just gets away from me. Know what I mean? And by the time Hudson's down for bed, all I want to do is head the same route.

So, what have y'all been up to? 

Here's our last few days in iPhone pictures...

We went out for some Friday night froyo. (love that there's a shop 3 minutes from our house!)
Someone else loves it, too. ;) "Forget the picture, this stuff is awesome, mom!"

I busted out my favorite sandals for the first time this year. 

Uncle Adam(Joseph's brother) & Aunt Kerrie came up to see us Saturday. We hung around the house and went to eat dinner at Baumhower's. They really enjoyed the time with Hudson...and so did he!!
We always love getting together with them.

 We also sported our big brother shirt for the first time. We planned on announcing it this way, but once we found out it was TWINS, that changed things. ;-)

We did a little rearranging in the bedroom. This TV was on the other wall REALLY close to the bed. This is SO much better and opens things up better where the TV was.

For some reason, I had a hankering for spinach dip. I whipped up some hot spinach dip in about 5 minutes with ingredients I had on-hand. It was pretty dang good!

I made a delicious dinner last night of green bean bundles, 

 homemade au gratin potatoes, and Joseph picked up some KFC grilled chicken to go with it.

My Zoya Blogger Collection came in! Got it with my Birchbox points and I LOVE these colors! Perfect for Spring/Summer.

I've gotten all of Hudson's party stuff printed out, cut out, and ready to put together. It's going to be SO stinkin' cute!! Even though it means my baby is turning TWO and getting older, I really can't wait for it!

For tonight's dinner, I reused leftovers from last night's dinner of chicken and au gratin potatoes and put together a chicken pot pie. YUM!! (I hope it's decent.)
I have no idea why the crust was falling apart. It'll still taste good after it's baked so that's all that matters. ;-)

Sometimes a catch-up post is needed. I hope your week is going great! If you were in the storm that passed through yesterday, I hope you and yours are OK. It didn't hit us too hard, thank goodness, but I know a lot of areas were hit pretty bad. Hoping you are all safe and sound, with no or minimal damage.


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