Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend Recap

We had a great weekend, with a little family time and a little friend time. It was really nice. 
We kicked it off on Friday night with Mexican for dinner. I was actually able to eat some delicious Mexican food so I was pumped!! 
But not as pumped as this guy.
This face says "Whatchoo talkin' bout Willis?!"

After dinner, we took a quick trip to Target where I discovered these babies! I love the FaveReds Starburst and these jellybeans did not disappoint! I won't even tell you how close the bag is to being empty already.

On Saturday, Joseph had an eye appointment so Hudson and I hit up Publix. Normally(like, when I'm not pregnant with morning sickness) I'm tempted to stop at the fish counter and get some sushi. The last several weeks, I've had to literally hold my nose or pull my shirt over it to walk by it without tossing my cookies right there in the middle of the store. Bleh.

 We also got sweet boy some new jeans from Target on Friday and he's no longer flooding! Poor thing, he grew out of his other jeans before I even realized it. 
 These will last him a few months, hopefully. :)

After our grocery trip, we played outside for a little while before daddy came home with lunch.

We had plans to meet our friends, The Baileys, for dinner in Guntersville. They live in Gadsden and it's about halfway for both of us. We ate at Rock House Eatery and it was so good. 
Hudson enjoyed getting to see Uncle Forrest and Aunt Catherine. It looks like he's shooting a basketball here. HA! I think he wanted daddy's phone.

We are so thankful for our friendship with the Baileys. We've known them forever and still try to make time to get together when we can.

We had to get a few things on Sunday afternoon, which included some new kicks for Hudson. His New Balance shoes were getting waaaaay too small so we got him a fresh new pair!
We did NOT, however, get him these pink boots. :-)

We got some dinner while we were out and I always forget that Baumhower's gives the kids a little cup of Froot Loops with their menu. Hudson loved them and downed about 4 cups. Haha! Our waitress hooked us up with some extras 'cause he loved 'em so much.

We enjoyed a beautiful weekend as a family and are thankful we got some time with great friends too.

**I also discovered this weekend that I have been replying to comments all kinds of wrong...even after almost THREE years of blogging!!! I've just been replying to the comments on the actual blog, instead of replying to the email notifications that come to me. (if you don't allow reply comments to be emailed back to you then I can't send you one, though) So, I apologize if you've ever felt that I've ignored you. While I don't reply to every comment I receive, I do reply to a lot and until now, wasn't doing it correctly so unless you came back to your comment to look, you probably never got my reply. Whoopsies!! SO my bad, y'all!! I'll be doing it the right way from now on. ;-)

Soooo, how was YOUR weekend?


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