Thursday, March 28, 2013

Finding Happiness in the Day to Day...

Today was a great day. Not because something amazing happened, because I won the lottery, or went on some wonderful trip or adventure. In fact, I didn't do anything close to what one would call "amazing". Hudson and I just went to Publix for a few things, but seeing the joy that comes over his face when he gets a balloon or carries on a conversation with yet another fellow shopper who passes by, makes even these small, routine tasks wonderful and joyous. Relishing in the delightful sunshine was an added bonus.

We also just played the same ol' learning apps, built with the same ol' legos, and watched the same ol' Bubble Guppies. But somehow watching Hudson dance and laugh at those same ol' songs and silly phrases brings such a big smile to my face it doesn't even matter that we watched the same episode 2 days ago. Watching him become so proud of himself when he completes a puzzle or matches his shapes makes me even more proud.

A new shirt that's not only comfy BUT cute as well makes a day pretty good too. Who doesn't love a good throw on and go top? I know this girl does, especially right now!!  
It came from The Red Dress Boutique.
Necklace from Caroline G.

Then dinner time rolls around and after months, upon months, upon months of your child only eating ONE vegetable, green beans, he finally, and happily, decides he likes corn!!
Persistence pays off! One point for Mama!!

Being a girl who loves cheese the way I do, it sent me over the moon to find this stuff.
This takes dishes to a whole. new. level.

Like, say, this delicious squash casserole I made for dinner. Best squash casserole ever, thanks to this cheese!! I'm not even kiddin'! Just try it for yourself.
Yours truly also whipped up some homemade deviled eggs (first-timer and they were awesome!) and meatloaf "muffins". I'll post these recipes over the next few days. All so easy and SO good and flavorful! Tasting that all of the love and hard work I put into a meal paid off is one of the best feelings ever, I'm pretty certain. 

So, you see, not every day has to be spent in some exotic location, with fancy and luxurious surroundings and material possessions to be a wonderful, happy day. You have to look for happiness in the little, day to day things. And I think if you've found that, then you're doing pretty well. 
I count myself immensely blessed to have the life I live and I wouldn't trade places with anyone in the world. The people I get to spend my life with make it the best life I could ever imagine. 
And I can only imagine how much better it's going to be in about 6 months.


  1. um, excuse me. are you REALLY pregnant with twins?? you are so skinny!

  2. HOW are you pregnant with twins? You look so amazing :)

  3. You look so good in that cute shirt! Can't wait to get the recipes! : )


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