Monday, March 04, 2013

Butter, Y'all!!

Whenever I make a dish that calls for a lot of butter, I always think of the butter queen herself....

It really does make anything butter better.

Now I'm definitely not a butter connoisseur like she is, but who doesn't love the stuff? Don't say you don't. You'd be lying to yourself. :) 

We went to eat at Logan's for lunch yesterday (I cannot even remember the last time I ate there!) and first of all....Hudson LOVES the peanuts! I was pretty surprised. He gobbled them up. 
It wasn't toward the end of the meal that he discovered the cup of butter they bring along with their rolls(like they need anymore butter...oops, don't tell Paula I said that!)
I think Mrs. Deen would be pretty proud. Thankfully, he didn't lick or eat it or anything. I would have died!

My favorite....

If you've never seen this SNL skit, OMG, you have to watch it!! SO good!
"Booter and ayul, Seth!"
I love Paula, and I know she's changed the way she eats for her health(which is GREAT!), but you have to admit. This is pretty funny.
I hope you got a little laugh on this Monday, 'cause there really was no other point to this post. Sometimes we just need a good laugh.
Have a great night, friends.


  1. that episode of SNL was so funny! And man, I love butter.


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