Sunday, March 10, 2013

Coral & Peacock Blue

A while back, I stumbled upon a beautiful new duvet/sham set to use with our bedding. I had been wanting something to tie everything together and when I found it, I knew it was just the thing.

*Picture from Newlywish.

The set came from here. I found it on other sites for about $35-$40 more so when I found it here for a great price, I jumped on it! I had plans to use it as an accent blanket over our existing white comforter.

When it came in, I LOVED it!! But, it needed something for the "pop" factor. After much deliberation and searching, I decided coral would be the perfect complement.

Having no luck finding anything in stores, I looked on my tried and true Etsy and found these beauties.

A set of two 18x18 coral Greek Key print pillow covers. This listing is for 20x20. The 18x18 is no longer listed in the shop. These two pillow covers were $32, with free shipping. That's less than you'd pay for ONE actual pillow at a store. I bought a couple little pillow forms from Hobby Lobby, and bam! Done!

I am so pleased with how the bedding looks now. It's so fresh and modern.

The coral makes ALL the difference and I love the way it all looks with the gray walls.

I kept this little ruffled pillow we've had for a while. It goes wonderfully with the peacock blue duvet/shams and adds a little texture.

I've been obsessed with coral lately, so it only made sense to add it to our bedding! It is supposed to be THE color this Spring. I feel so "on trend". Haha!

I hope you're enjoying the beautiful weekend. At least, it's beautiful here. I hope it is where you are too!


  1. Loooove that!! I've been dying for new bedding.

  2. This looks so pretty! I love it! When I saw the picture that included both of your nightstands, I secretly hoped that you seriously cleaned a ton before you took it. If that's what they always look like, I'm super envious. I have like 3 waterbottles and books, magazines, kindle, cell phone, and a whole bunch of other crap on mine at any given time.


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