Saturday, March 23, 2013

Easter Bunny > Santa Clause

This afternoon, we went out for lunch and a quick trip to the mall.
Hudson was in love with our waitress at City Cafe, especially when she brought him a coloring sheet and crayons.

 Daddy got in on the action.
 I'm sorry, but isn't he so handsome? (ok, I'm not sorry)
 The icing(or ice cream, I guess I should say) on the cake was the fact that his kid's meal included a little bowl of ice cream for dessert. This child LOVES ice cream!! Mention or show it to him, and he says "Mmmmm!!"

 So after a little spoiling at lunch, we headed to the mall for a couple things. Hudson also loves being strolled around the mall so sometimes we'll go just to walk around.

We weren't really planning on stopping to see the Easter bunny. I mean, I would've totally dressed him differently had I known we'd be stopping by, but oh well. We walked by Mr. Bunny on the way in and he was all alone, with nobody waiting to see him. Joseph said, "Let's get Hudson's picture made with him." I said no. Well, on our way back out, there was still no one in line to see him, so my husband insisted Hudson was getting his picture made with him. Now, I completely expected a meltdown like his last Santa debacle. But, he's older now so I guess that makes a little difference. Plus, he has a stuffed bunny that he loves so I guess that helped make the experience turn out like this....
He would not let go of his New York Life balloon a little lady gave us as we passed by her station in the mall. (more like we didn't want to see what happened if we tried to take it away!) ;)
Y'all. This child LOVED the Easter bunny!! Like, kept reaching for him to go back to him even when we were 10 feet away watching other kids with him. So sweet. We might have to go back to visit him again before he's gone. I'm pretty sure they're BFFs now.

And while Hudson got a cool balloon and a bunny hat...mama got some new shades! My others have been scratched (like, big, deep scratches....note to self: make sure they're secure before you put your head down and they fall lens side down on the asphalt) since about a week after I got them (4+ years ago!) and it was time for a fresh, new pair. Now if only the sun would come out so I could sport 'em!

I hope you're having a wonderful Saturday as well!! 
Y'all be good.


  1. Hudson looks so precious with the Easter Bunny!! That's so precious that he loved him so much. You got an adorable picture! And it sounds like it was time for you to get some new shades lol.

  2. He looks so cute! And love your shades!

  3. I LOVE reading your posts!! And loveee those sunnies!!

    1. Thanks so much!! That's so sweet of you to say and it means a lot!! :-)


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