Tuesday, March 26, 2013

13 Weeks!

Today I'm 13 weeks pregnant! On one hand, it feels like I should be at least 20 weeks, because it seems like it's been forever since we found out, and on the other hand, I can't believe I'm already at the end of the first trimester. That's the funny thing about pregnancy. It makes time go by in strange ways.

I really don't have a "bump" yet, but I do have that beautiful bloat thing going on sometimes...especially after I eat. It's hot. I have my 13 week appt/ultrasound tomorrow so I'll try to remember to take a picture since I'll look decent. Today I'm slummin' it at home with a toddler.
You don't wanna see that. ;-)

How Far Along? 13 Weeks.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: My appetite has been better so I'm up 1-2 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight now. It's hard to tell what's actual weight and what's just "bloat" weight.

Genders: No idea. Joseph is adamant that there's a boy and a girl in there. And he's determined to find out tomorrow at the ultrasound....even if it means taking a really really big magnifying glass. Silly man. I don't have a feeling any way about the genders yet, but boy/girl is nice and even so I'll go with that for now. ;-)

Maternity Clothes? No, but I've been sporting the BeBand with my jeans. They'll still button and everything, but it's just more comfortable that way. And I'm all about comfort.

Stretch Marks? No. I didn't get any with Hudson, so here's to hoping I have the same luck this time around.

Sleep: Great!! Can't get enough!

Movement: I thought maybe I felt some small flutters the other day. I was sitting still and quiet so I was able to notice them. 

Food Cravings: My appetite has been much better over the last week or two, but I'm not having any consistent cravings for anything. Although I am addicted to Welch's fruit snacks! HA! I've just wanted sweet and salty things, and even some spicy things.(which is SO unlike me!) I am loving sweet tea with lemon, too.

Food Aversions: I was able to drink my first cup of coffee in about 6-7 weeks several days ago. It was glorious! Still can't think about eating breakfast. I'm still not really into too heavily spiced dishes or anything super rich. Sometimes I can eat chicken, sometimes it makes me gag. Don't get me near any fish or seafood! I go back and forth with Mexican food. It all just depends on how I'm feeling at the moment.

Labor Signs: No!

Symptoms: Morning sickness is much better, but some days I still get sick. I'm very sensitive to smells, especially in the mornings. Fixing Hudson's breakfast is still a challenge some days. I'm tired but not as exhausted as I was. Headaches seem to have taken the place of the exhaustion. I have them every day. Luckily, Tylenol helps me a little. I'm hoping the doctor can prescribe me something a little stronger that kicks in faster and keeps them away for longer than the Tylenol does. To avoid getting sick while changing a lovely diaper(you know the kind I'm talkin' about!), I wrap an unused diaper around my face and secure it with one of the tabs, like a mask.(kinda genius, if I do say so myself) This feels so silly, but it really helps and it's better than the alternative. (puking in the middle of changing your child's diaper. no bueno)

Belly Button In or Out? In.

Wedding Rings On or Off? On

Miss Anything? Not really, but I wouldn't mind a big ol' plate of pancakes & bacon for breakfast! Maybe one day I'll want it again. ;)

Best Moment This Week: The quality time we got to spend as just the 3 of us this weekend. I love those weekends, and cherish them even more now.

Looking Forward To: Our appointment tomorrow to see how the babies are doing!

I'll update sometime after the appointment tomorrow.
Have a great Tuesday!


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