Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Ah, That's Better.....

I worked on the "paper store regurgitation drawer" today and got it looking pretty good. The home management binder is in progress, and is coming along nicely. I did make some of my own calendars, but they're really no better than any I found online so I may or may not share them. I made them look cute, but they're nothing special. I should probably be able to share the binder tomorrow. I'm excited to start using it and really excited to start my meal planning schedule next week!

Until then, here's a look at much more organized, newly-named "home command center drawer". No longer does it look like a pack of paper threw up! YAY!

It went from this.....

**Insert screeching violin music from Psycho here**

To THIS.....

Oh my word, my life has already been made 100x better just by organizing this drawer. And it's sad how quickly I got it done. I say sad because I have absolutely no excuse for not doing it sooner. 
Everything has its place. A letter tray for papers that need to be taken care of, a spot for the beautiful binder, and a tray for all the supplies. Love!

Tomorrow....the binder! :-)

Have a great Tuesday!!


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