Friday, August 10, 2012

Bedroom Reveal!

Our master bedroom is finally finished (well, about 90%) and I want to show it off!! I am so proud of the work that's been done in it. Honestly, if we had just stopped at painting the walls and moving the bed to the other wall, that would have been enough to make a HUGE improvement! But, since we hadn't accessorized it at all since we moved in, I decided it was time to complete my vision. 

Just in case you forgot......

Here's where we started.

I cringe a little every time I look at it!

And now, after some new paint, repositioning of the bed, some curtains, new accessories, lamps, and a mirror.......

It doesn't even look like the same room to me. And that's a GREAT thing! I honestly love going in my room now. Every time I walk in it, I'm in a good mood. It feels like a retreat now. It's calming and soothing, while still being modern and stylish. 

(Need to do something with that jewelry armoire) 
One of my goals in the future (hopefully sooner than later) is to get new bedroom furniture. What we have is beautiful, but I have had it since 1988. Yes, for real. It's in great condition and means a lot but an update would be nice. :)

Obviously it could stand something on that wall...perhaps a wedding photo on the left? Not wild about those lamps, either. In time.......

I plan to hang these 2 pieces up, but I haven't decided exactly where I want them to go yet. (maybe on the other wall I just mentioned?) And I love that big vase.

 The beautiful mirror is finally up!! It came in last week, and was cracked in 2 places. I was on it immediately and they had a replacement to me a week later!! It is in perfect condition and I am so happy with it! It really completes that wall and adds a lot of light to the room, because the lamps/window light bounce off of it. Did I mention I got this bad boy for $110? A 30'' beveled mirror for $110!?!?!?! That's near impossible...believe me, I've looked at TONS of them!

This is one of my favorite parts of the room, even though this area isn't officially done yet. (hence why I said it's 90% complete). I got this fabulous ottoman at TJMaxx for $50!!! They also had full-size ottomans for $100, but I didn't need that. I have found a few chairs online that I think will match it and plan to order one to put with it. That's why I'm waiting to finalize this area, because I don't know where things will need to go, if I'll put a floor lamp, little table, etc. Right now, I just have it against the wall with a pillow for back support so you can put your shoes on, etc. I also would like to put a nice big leaning floor mirror somewhere, but for now I'm using a little cheap one I had in the closet.

So, even though this is the "reveal", I clearly have a few more things to finish. But, it's pretty much there and is so much better than where it started. Now I just need to tackle some other rooms. HA! Don't tell my husband. ;-)

Here's the info about things I bought:

Paint - Valspar Woodlawn Colonial Gray from Lowe's(I should mention has a $5 off coupon for a gallon of Valspar paint from Lowe's right now!)
Curtains/Rods - Target
Metal Vase - Target (can't find it on site to link it up)
Wall Art with white letters & Ottoman - TJ Maxx
All throw pillows - Target
Happily Ever After sign & branches in vase - Hobby Lobby
Lamps(mix & match) - Lowe's
Mirror - (it's $113 now, still a good deal!)
Mercury glass candlesticks, cup, and antiqued blue candlestick - Pier 1

Can't wait to get the last few things I need to finish it up. Soon.......

Happy Friday!!! :-)


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