Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cleaning Schedule

I've found a few cleaning schedules online and they were great, but I wanted to make my own, tailored to our house and our needs. Because we do have a baby, and 2 big dogs, our needs are a little different from some others. 

This schedule isn't anything fancy, but I'd be glad to share it with you if you like it.

I am SO not one of those people who does laundry or runs the dishwasher every day. I just couldn't imagine using that much water/energy every day. Those are both kind of "as needed" categories for us. Some days we use a lot of dishes and go through a lot of clothes, towels, etc. Others, we use a lot of plastic utensils, paper plates, and just don't use up that much laundry. I like to keep laundry days to 3/week, and try to just run the dishwasher 2 days/week. Our kitchen gets the most use so it gets nasty. I try to wipe it down daily, and pick up messes as they happen and clean over them right quick. That keeps things from building up. I'm a "clean as you cook" kind of person, and also try to be a clean/pick up as the day progresses kind of person. I hate letting things pile up or get real dirty, 'cause that makes means more work later. No thanks!

I've designated one big area(or maybe more) of the house to be done each day, so most big things are done weekly. Thursday is "swing day", and those things are tackled the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Thursday of each month. You'll notice that vacuuming & mopping is on there a few times. When you have a little boy, a big boy, and 2 big dogs, you have to vacuum and mop the floors a little more often. Things get dusty, hairy, and sticky around here! I reserved Fridays for bathrooms and mopping so the house will be good to go if we have guests over, which will probably be a good bit once football season starts in 9 days!! RTR!! I left Saturdays free so we can just sit back, relax, watch football, go out and play, etc, without having to worry about doing housework. Who wants to do that on a Saturday??? Sundays do have to involve some cleaning, mostly to insure we start fresh for a new week on Monday. The monthly items are obvious. There are probably a few more you can think of for your family, and some of mine may not apply to you. I have organizing and/or decluttering certain areas of the house on the schedule b/c we all know how those places can get out of control from time to time. By staying on top of them, that won't happen!

Again, if you like this schedule and want to use it, then feel free to swipe it. It might not look very good once it's printed, since it's a pic, so I'll be happy to email you the PDF file.(I made it in Pages and I don't have any file sharing software to share it online.) Just contact me and let me know! If anything, maybe this will help you as you make your own cleaning schedule. Sometimes it helps to jog the memory as you think of things to go on yours.

I hope you're all having a great week! I am so ready for the weekend with my boys!! :-)


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