Monday, August 27, 2012

Let The Playroom Transformation Commence

We have taken the first steps to getting the playroom under way. Those steps include moving the furniture against the walls to make room for all of Hudson's toys for now. :)

Seriously, though, we have Salvation Army coming on Wednesday to pick up the furniture and some other items we are donating. Once that happens, I will be painting the walls and starting for real! I'm hoping they come early Wednesday so I can get started right after they leave! There's not near as much wall space to be painted than there was in our bedroom so maybe if I have things taped up and ready, in one good nap's time I can be done! One can dream, right? :-) I hate to get rid of the furniture, because it did belong to my grandparents but we just don't need it and other family members don't want to take it so I'm glad it's able to go to someone who needs it more than we do. It's old and has definitely seen better days(notice wood missing on the footboard), but it's still in usable condition. I want to try to repurpose either that chest of drawers or the dresser (in the garage) as a storage compartment for bins of toys, etc. (take drawers out and just slide bins in to store things.) We'll see if that can work or not. I might just end up getting a shelving unit from Target or something. I don't want to overcommit to too many projects. ;-)

I've decided on a color scheme and a few definite elements of the room, and I'll share those another day, maybe tomorrow. I'm excited to get the room emptied, painted, and under way! It's already nice having my living room back (relatively) and all of Hudson's toys in their own space. It'll be even nicer when it's a cute, organized, fun space for him to play and learn!!

I realized I never shared a picture of our master bedroom in just natural light, so you've never really been able to tell what the wall color looks like for reals. 

Not that I think anybody really cares, but ya know......

I hope y'all had a great Monday. 


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