Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Funday

Hudson's grandparents got him a little play set a while back and we finally put it together today. We started it a while ago, then couldn't get it finished so just put it off. We finally got it done and Hudson was eager to test it out.

 He absolutely loved the swing! (excuse the dirty shirt....mac & cheese for dinner makes for a messy Hudson.)

 I seriously think he'd sit there all day......hmmm, there's an idea..........I kid!

Just a-swingin'. Yes, he's holding an iPhone. He thinks it's his.  

This was the point when he noticed birds flying around. Obsessed! 

"There comes another bird!"

 And he follows it.....

 And follows it......

 Kid loves him some birds!


Big sister Marley enjoying her people being outside with her. 

Bryant loves when we're outside. He goes crazy! 

Checking things out. 

 Time to test out the slide.

 Loves it!

He had a blast on his new play set! Such a big boy!

I see a lot of fun afternoons like this one in our future! :-)


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