Monday, August 06, 2012

Operation "Organized Household"

I have a secret. I live at Publix. 

OK, not really, but I feel like I might as well just take an aerobed and my toothbrush and move in! It's ridiculous how many trips I make to the store a week. Most of it is all to blame on my lack of planning. Which is why I will be jumping on the meal planning bandwagon. I'm happiest when my life is organized and clutter-free. Of course, when you stay home with a toddler, this isn't always easy to accomplish. After we moved into this house in February, I said I was going to get things super organized, starting it off on the right foot in a new home. Well, that didn't happen. Slowly but surely, however, I've been getting things into the organized state I want them in. 

But, then there's this drawer.....

I know, right? Doesn't it just make you cringe?? Me too!! And, no, a paper supply store did NOT throw up in there! I wish I had that excuse. It's a great drawer to have, because it's at the end of the counter, beside the stove, and you go by it when you come in the door from the garage, so it's good for keys, mail, and other things we access frequently. But we didn't take the time to get it organized, so it's just spiraled out of control. Somewhere under all that mess is a little drawer organizer (go figure!) with some utensils in it. I clearly don't use them so I'll probably donate them to Salvation Army or something. I need to purge through all of our clothes, kitchen stuff, and my jewelry is out of control. I'd love if someone else was actually using it all! I try to donate things a few times a year and it's definitely time for a purge! Other things in here include, stamps, tape, some baby-proofing items (that don't work in our kitchen because the knobs are too far apart! ARRRGH!), TONS of recipes that need to be filed away, and a lot of stuff I'm sure I've been looking for but can't find because it's so messy! HA!

SO, I'm on a mission. A mission to get our home and our lives organized. I've been searching Pinterest and have found some great free printables and good ideas for my "Home Management Binder". I didn't find just one site that had everything I needed, so I decided to pick and choose from a few different ones and printed off the sheets I liked. I mainly want a binder to house my meal planning/grocery lists/coupons/recipes, but I also want to make it a binder full of info for our parents or babysitters if they're ever here and need it. I'll put Hudson's daily routine in it, emergency contact info, household calendar, bills, etc. I've already planned out my meals for the month and I'm excited about knowing what's for dinner in advance! :-) 

I'm hoping to have it all done in a couple of days(you know when I really set out to do something, it gets done in like 7.2 minutes!) so I'll share it with you, including the links to sites I got the printables. I might try to make some of my own to better fit our needs and I'll share those if I do.  I'm hoping that I can also share a picture of a newly neat, organized household command center drawer in a couple days, too! ;)

Have a great week, y'all!!


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