Saturday, August 18, 2012

Organizing the Laundry Room

I know, you're sick of hearing about my journey in getting the messy areas of my house organized. Well, you might not want to read this one. That's cool, I understand. :)

I tackled the laundry room yesterday and it wasn't as much of a chore as the pantry. It still needed quite a bit of work, though.

Once again, no shame here. This is what I started with....

 Why yes, that is a swimsuit bottom hanging up there. Yeah........

Terrifying, I know. I have no excuse for why it looked that way, just got in the habit of letting stuff pile up and not putting it back where it went. 

After a little bit of de-cluttering(aka: putting things where they actually belong), rearranging, and labeling......

After labels...
 I already had these plastic tubs so that kept me from having to spend any money. I would like to get some nicer bins that you can't see through (just to look a little neater) but these will do for now.

I found these cute little labels from

I even labeled the cabinets so I know what is behind the doors.

Much better. I threw away all the boxes (I hate boxes), except for the dryer sheets, and put the items in the plastic tubs.

Now, there's still this big pile of stuff. I didn't get around to hanging them on the wall because I'm not sure exactly where I want them to go. I'd like to put some little piece of art or something on the walls too, just to make it a nicer place to spend time doing things you don't enjoy doing. :-) When I decide what and where to put up, I'll hang these things up on the wall to get them organized and out of the way. For now, this is their home. I'm even thinking about getting a little closet/armoire thing with doors to put right there and stash these in, so they're completely hidden. We'll see. I'm not spending much money on a laundry room, guys. :-)

I hope y'all are having a great Saturday! I've been working on a little DIY project for the kitchen and have an idea of how that's all going to come together when it's done. I've also been working on the wall collage for the bedroom, so hopefully next week I'll have those posts up. 

Enjoy your weekend! :)


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