Sunday, August 05, 2012

Sweet Baby Girl Shower

Yesterday was my sweet friend, Candace's, shower for her sweet baby girl who is due in September. It turned out lovely and now momma, daddy, and big brother Cooper are officially ready for Lottie Kate! I took pictures before the shower started and was too busy to take any during the shower. Here's some pics of how everything turned out.

Precious wreath my mom made. She was a big help with some of the decor and flowers!

"C" for Charlotte Kate. She'll go by Lottie Kate. Too cute!

table.

I saw this frame at Hobby Lobby and HAD to get it! It went with everything perfectly!

The spread!

The cutest baby carriage watermelon! Wish I was that creative!

That baby on the table is made out of diapers! 

Close up of the watermelon baby carriage. :)

The cute canvas bin came from Hobby Lobby and I just wrapped forks in napkins and tied them with ribbon and stuck them in it.

Petit Fors from Publix! They were delicious! (Side-note, the lighting in this room is terrible so the pictures aren't the best)

The mantle, complete with a clothesline full of onesies and cute outfits for Miss Lottie Kate.

I painted these mason jars (Thanks Pinterest!) and used them as vases for various flowers. Thanks to my mom for picking up some beautiful flowers for me!!

The buffet for displaying gifts. There wasn't enough room for it all!! I didn't get a picture at the end, but let's just say baby girl won't be going naked! ;-)

More pretty flowers. Don't you just LOVE hydrangeas!!??? I sure do!

Resting and chatting while waiting for the shower to start.

Just some of the gifts! She got the cutest things!

Beautiful momma!!

My sweet frand and fellow hostess, Julie. We go way, 2 years old back. We grew up across the street from each other, went to church and school together, lived together at Alabama for a while, and anything else you can imagine. Love this lady! She had sweet Gage 2 months ago and she looks amazing!! We're so awesome that we wore coordinating dresses. :)

I wish I had gotten pictures of all of the hostesses, gifts, and me and the momma. I was just running around like crazy so it didn't happen. I'm so pleased with how everything turned out. I'm not used to so much pink, but it was all beautiful! :-) All the ladies did a great job putting it all together. 

Congratulations Candace, Adam, and Cooper! I can't wait to meet Miss Lottie Kate!!!


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