Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Playroom Inspiration

I've got big plans to turn our guest room into a much needed playroom for Hudson. It would be a much better use of space for us, and I desperately need my living room back in order. It's a disaster zone. Everything's put back in its place every night, but during the days, it looks like Toys R Us threw up in there. It's workin' my nerves, y'all. Big time.

We seldom ever have overnight guests, so it would benefit us big time to make it a dedicated playroom/activity room. Here are some of the ideas I've gathered from Pinterest so far.....

I really like the idea of an alphabet wall somewhere in the room.

This is genius! A good DIY project, too, that wouldn't cost a lot of money. Hudson has a LOT of books(I am a former teacher ya know), though, so I don't know if this would work. It might be worth it to just buy some inexpensive bookshelves and maybe make them a little more special with paint or something. I may even be able to repurpose something we already have. That's the preferred option, so hopefully we have or can find something we can use. 

I am crazy about chalkboard paint now, so it has to go somewhere.(table, wall, something!) This little table is precious, too...with or without the chalkboard top. He's gotta have a little table.

I really like this. This lady took 2 shelves from Ikea, turned them on their sides, and made a very easy and expensive seat to go on top. I love the storage in this too!!!! I'm not sure we'll need all this seating, though, so I'm thinking I could repurpose one of the old dressers in the guest room (it's just going to be donated anyway, b/c it's very old and not in the best condition), take the drawers out and use storage bins instead. I also want to mount a little TV in there and could do that above the dresser.

Because I would like for guests to have somewhere to sleep if they do stay over, I'd like to get a cheap little sofa bed, or even an Aerobed to just blow up when we need it. I like the idea of having a couch to sit on anyway, then it can perform double duty as a bed if needed. 

These are just a few of the ideas I have, but there are many many more floating around in my head!!(ya know, along with all the voices and other things.....I kid!) I think Hudson would benefit from a dedicated space for playing, learning, watching his shows, etc. Since I stay home with him and he's getting older, I do want to start incorporating more structured learning time with him. I mean, I do have a degree in elementary education so I'm pretty qualified to teach him a thing or two. I feel like he's definitely ready to start focusing and slowing down to be taught. His attention span is getting better. If I'm home with him already, I feel like the least I can do is to prepare him for the day he does start preschool and big school. 

I'm hoping we can get this started in a couple weeks. It just depends on how long it takes us to get the furniture out and the room cleaned out. Once that's done, we can start doing a little at a time to get the transformation done. I'm so excited about it!! I know Hudson will love having his own space to do his thing. I'm sure he'll still love bringing things in to trash our living room with, but at least it'll all have a real home!! ;-)

I'll keep y'all posted!


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