Saturday, November 17, 2012

Birthday and a Bama Date

First of all.......

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beautiful, loving, supportive, caring, compassionate, giving, wonderful, fantastic, smart, funny mother!!!

I'm an only child, so I'm very close to my parents. I'm very much both a daddy's girl, as well as a momma's girl.  I've said it before, I'm blessed with the most amazing parents I could imagine. Today, I want to highlight some of the wonderful things about my mom, in honor of her birthday.

My mom is a retired RN, who specialized in dialysis for many, many years. She is very, very smart and  I owe a lot of what I know to her...both medically, and in general. Throughout her years as a nurse, I spent a lot of time with her at work after school, on weekends, etc. Just from listening and watching her all those years, I have a lot of medical knowledge that I otherwise wouldn't have. I learned more from her than I did in any textbook or science class. I mean, I'm not saying I could be a nurse or anything...certainly not, but I'm definitely a nurse's daughter. It's nice having a medical person in the family, too. :)

In addition to being a fantastic nurse, and clinical manager for years, she has always been an amazing mom. She has always supported every activity, ambition, hobby, sport, and dream I've ever had. She was at all the piano and dance recitals, band performances, football games to see me on the danceline, basketball and softball games, and every other activity I ever had. It wasn't the easiest job to balance work and family, but she always did it wonderfully and gracefully. 

We have always had a pretty great relationship. We had the occasional argument, especially when I was a teenager, but we've always been close and had great respect for each other. She's never talked down to me or treated me like an inferior. Growing up, I was around adults WAY more than I was kids, so I was a little more mature. I've always appreciated the way my parents treated me like an equal...never like some little kid whose opinion or feelings didn't matter. She does a beautiful job of balancing being my mom, while being my friend.

My mom has the biggest, most generous heart ever. It just comes naturally. Everyone always comes first to her. She does for others without having to be asked and she wouldn't have it any other way. It's her passion. I think between both of my parents being so passionate about helping others, I had no other choice but to be that way too. It's one reason I went into make a difference and help others in some way.

She's also a pretty awesome Sue-Sue(Susan) to Hudson and she loves him like crazy. I'm so thankful Hudson has 4 grandparents who love him with all their hearts. He's a blessed little boy.

I realize that not everyone has the relationship with their parents that I am blessed to have. I never ever take that for granted. 

 My mom and I share a love for shopping, cupcakes, great shoes and bags, home decor, and throwing fabulous parties. One day, we WILL start an event planning business. We would have SO much fun and love every minute of it. There's nothing more fun for us than designing, decorating, hosting, entertaining, and throwing a great party, shower, or gathering. 

Every day, I am so thankful for the precious mother in my life. I cherish our relationship more than ever, especially now that I'm a mother. I look up to her in every way, and although I doubt I'll ever be quite the mom she is, if I'm 1/3 of the mom to Hudson that she is to me, then that's pretty darn successful. What an amazing example she's been to me. She's such a blessing to me, and everyone who knows her. 

And today, on her birthday, she and my dad came up to spend the day with Hudson so Joseph and I could go down to Tuscaloosa for the Bama game. What a sweet mom!! Of course, I know it was the best birthday present she could have gotten...spending the day with her grandson, and she jumped right on the opportunity.

It was such a blessing for them to keep Hudson so we could have a day together and have a Bama date!! It's been 2 years since we went to a game and we have MISSED it so much!

Kickoff was at 11:20, so we had to hit the road bright and early (before Hudson woke up) to get there.

Joseph lucked out on some AH-MAZING tickets. 45 yard line, 10th row. HELLO!?!?!?! Suh-weet!!

I mean, I could have just chatted with Coach during the game. 

OK, not really, 'cause then security prolly woulda thrown me out, but we were close.

There's Coach himself, talking with one of the officials.

Even though it was a pretty uneventful game (shut out 49-0), we had a great time. It felt good to be "home" again. HA!

But this is our real home sweet home. Wouldn't want to be anywhere else!
Missed him so much. He had a great day with my parents, just as I knew he would.

Right now, I'm watching the top 2 teams in possible upsets...which would be super fantastic for Bama. It happened last can happen this year. Just sayin'.

Hope y'all had a wonderful day. Roll Tide. Happy Birthday Sue-Sue!!!! 
Nighty-night, I'm tired.


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