Thursday, November 08, 2012

Just The Usual.....

Ya know...just playing peek-a-boo with a basket......

**He did this all on his own.

It can also double as a hat.

I love him!!

Catching up(even though they can only play the same 3 episodes!) on our Bubble Guppies.

Gettin' down to the Bubble Guppies.(they do have some pretty sweet tunes)

 Note: I took these at 8:30 am and our living room was already this messy. And, yes, we do have a playroom. Try to tell him that! *sigh*

This episode must have been pretty deep.

Multi-tasking. (he loves sweeping!)

Let's try that again, this time actually on the hardwoods! :)

His wife will thank me one day...ya know, when he's 40 and allowed to get married.

Yes, this really happened.

Bryant needed a kiss, or at least Hudson thought so. Bryant's saying, "Umm no, little human...this is not happening."

Happy Thursday! It's Grey's night and one day closer to the weekend!!


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