Thursday, November 15, 2012


The other day, I was just looking through some old pictures of Hudson and I couldn't believe how much he's changed! It's amazing how much difference a year (or even a few months) makes.

I was also comparing how different I look, and thank goodness I do!! Geez!

Very similar picture, but thank goodness there's about 40 pounds less of me in this year's. The picture on the left is very precious to me, because my sweet boy is in it and I miss him at this age, but I have to give this one to the picture on the right! For purely vain reasons. HA!

And then there's Halloween.....

Last year

This year

Beach last year

Beach this year

It's hard for me to believe how much he's changed since his birthday, in April....

To 18 months, last month.

This picture was taken almost exactly a year ago to the day.
*with his famous Blue Steel pose*
He was just about 7 months old. I took some pics to use for our Christmas cards in our backyard. He doesn't even look like the same child! Craziness!!

I guess since I'm home with him all the time, I don't really notice the change in him like others do..until I look back at pictures.

It's just mind-blowing to think that 18-19 months ago, this little guy....

*We're encouraging him to like Bama young, can you tell? ;-)

was this tiny little baby...

You really do have to cherish every moment!! It passes by entirely too quickly.


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