Friday, November 23, 2012

Gobble Gobble

Do y'all remember this little turkey??

Well, this year he's a little more done!

I hope y'all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones. We sure did!!

Here are some pictures that highlight our day.

We ate lunch with my family at my parents' house. Even though their house is in disarray because they're renovating their bathrooms (one is done, the other is currently gutted), they hosted Thanksgiving for the fam. They're the best.

Nana had a little surprise for Hudson. A singing/dancing snowman.

My little turkey is growing too fast.

We had more food than you could shake a stick at (I've always wanted to use that expression) and it was all delicious!!

Thankful for him. He's the best ever.

I couldn't even think about dessert, but it all looked scrumptious.

Hudson and his G-Nana being silly with the sippy cup.

Yum yum. Actually, he didn't eat well at all. A little mac & cheese and some strawberries. Oh well.

Rearranging the pumpkins.

This would've been so good if he had looked and smiled.


Running to give Mommy a hug.

Best hugs ever.

My 2 biggest blessings.

Aren't they cute?

Hudson would stay outside all day.

Now let's check out the backyard.

My friend (& childhood neighbor) Julie was across the street at her parents' house with sweet Gage. Her hubby was working. 

Handsome boys.

They were hilarious.

I think they'll be buds.

Could he be any cuter??

We headed over to my in-laws' house after lunch. Unfortunately, my brother/sister-in-law had to leave early to see her family so we weren't able to see them. We did get to spend time with his parents and grandparents and their friend. Joseph's sister, Melissa, and her hubby split the holidays between here and his family in PA. They'll be with us for Christmas this year. :)

My in-laws' new puppy taking a snooze on my lap.

Snack time!

Gotta love those puppy bites.

I shall torture you, little "goggin".

Wear this hat!

Time for a hug.

My sweet mother/father-in-law. 

Hugs for Poppy.

Silly folks.

Holidays are always rough on Hudson, especially since we have to drive from out of town. He handles it pretty well, but doesn't usually get a real nap on days like this. He napped just about the whole way home last night, but that was pretty much it. 

Today is my Nana's birthday!! She's 29! ;-)

I'm glad her birthday always falls around Thanksgiving, 'cause that means I get to see her on or near her special day. Sometimes it's not easy to get down to see everybody on their birthdays so this way I always get to spend time with her for hers. I spent a lot of time with this lady when I was younger and I have a lot of great memories with her, most of which involve cooking. She taught me to cook at a young age. She also taught me to drive in their backyard and street. Shhh, don't tell anyone. I was like 14. She's always been a fun woman, and you know how they say it's the grandparents who get to spoil the kids? Yeah, that's her. She always let me get away with things my parents didn't, but never anything that would get me hurt or something like that. She could also definitely discipline if needed to. Thankfully, she didn't need to much. ;) I'm thankful for her and all the things she's taught me, done for me, memories she's made with me, and how much she loves Hudson. She's a very special lady to me, and I am blessed to call her my Nana.

Happy Birthday, Nana. I hope your day has been everything you deserve it to be. I love you more than you know!

Happy Friday, everyone. If you braved the Black Friday sales, I hope you got what you wanted and avoided any craziness. ;)

Have a great weekend!


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