Monday, November 26, 2012

The Little Quirks

I love being able to document all of the silly things Hudson does during the day. These are the little things I want to remember forever. 

Recently, he's taken a liking to the recliner, AKA: Daddy's chair. I love the grin on his face here. Like he knows what he's doing. ;)

I was decorating his tree Saturday and he found the singing sock monkey from last year. (the one that made him scream every time it sang!) Well, he loves it this year. He got out the Christmas dog and had them both playing their songs. Usher and a Christmas version of "Shout". Great combo!

He was such a good little boy sitting in the bathroom playing with Daddy's phone while we got ready to go out for lunch Saturday.

The other day, he insisted he needed his boots on....with his pajamas. Rocked it, if you ask me!

He's been into this box for a while now. It holds all his legos, but it's a pretty cool toy all on its own.

Is this normal? ;)


And if the couch isn't a good enough seat by itself......


He's also obsessed with our shoes. I usually wear flip-flops around the house, and I'll catch him trying to walk in them from time to time. Last night he tested out daddy's shoes. 
I don't think they'll be able to share shoes for a few more years, but Hudson tried.

I love these little moments. I know they will quickly pass so I try to document and cherish them while I can. 

What silly little things do your children do?

Happy Monday!! I hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving/weekend. 

I'm excited/nervous for Saturday. ROLL TIDE, y'all!!! ;-)


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