Friday, November 16, 2012

High Five for Friday

It's been a great week!! And it really seems like it flew by. I feel like I just wrote my last H54F post! 

There are so many things I could include in this week's post, but I narrowed it down to five. It was just a really great week, filled with fun times with my boy (as usual), a few little surprises, and just things that make you happy, happy, happy! ;-)

1. OK, I'm not one of those people who gets all googley-eyed over celebrities, but I thought it was just entirely awesome that Patrick Dempsey, McDreamy himself, tweeted me yesterday. He tweeted a picture of the make-up peeps putting "scars" on his arm and hand. You can read the rest for yourself. Obviously, just a quick tweet to answer my question, but still. Pretty cool. And he is one of those celebrities who actually handles his Twitter account himself, so I know it came straight from him. I'm pretty sure we're BFFs now. ;-)

2. I got a nice surprise that involved my husband telling me we're going to the Bama game tomorrow!! And we have KILLER seats. I realize they're just playing Western Carolina, but we haven't been to a game in 2 years so we're stoked about it! The game is at 11:20am, so we'll be getting up with the rooster in the morning to hit the road. I hate leaving Hudson for the day, but we need some time to ourselves and I know he'll be just fine getting spoiled by entertaining my parents.

3. Hudson and I were out running a few errands this morning and we hit up the kids' area of Barnes & Noble. He loved it. We didn't hang out long, because I didn't think they'd appreciate having their whole store rearranged by a toddler. HA! It was nice because we were really the only ones back there. We might have to make it a weekly trip.

4. SO excited about this!! The sole reason we went to B&N in the first place....I picked up The Duck Commander Family. I cannot wait to read it. I've already flipped through some of the pictures in it and they're awesome! I've heard the book is wonderful. This will hopefully help pass some of the 3 hour trip(both ways) to Tuscaloosa in the morning. :-)

5. Christmas Tree Cakes....first box of the season. 'Nuff said!

What were your favorite things from the week?

Happy Friday!


  1. That is awesome that Patrick Dempsey tweeted you back! I sometimes send a tweet to a celebrity just to see if they tweet back! None have yet though!

    Awesome also about goint to the Alabama game!!! Roll Tide!!!!

    1. Yeah, I've sent a few out and never gotten a response either. So cool!! I'm pumped about the game! Roll Tide!!! :)

  2. #1--McDreamy???? no way!!

    #4--I just saw their show for the first time this week. Definitely entertaining!

    1. Right???? Super cool!! I think he needs to get a Christmas card since he's my BFF now and all. ;)

      Oh, Duck Dynasty is HILARIOUS!!! And they're such good people. A great wholesome show for sure! Can't wait to read the book! :)


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