Monday, November 05, 2012

Birthday Lunch

Yesterday, we headed to Gadsden for Uncle Adam's birthday lunch. We got to spend some time with the birthday boy and more family and friends. My mother-in-law made chili (per Adam's request) and we had all the fixins', and ice cream cake and cookie cake! I love birthdays! ;-)

Hudson slept about the last 10 minutes in the car on the way there...typical. He managed to sleep just about the entire way home later but with only a little over an hour nap all day, he was exhausted last night! But he had a great time with his family and friends. He's really good at just going with the flow.

Let me preface all these pictures by saying that I decided I wanted to try my camera on its manual setting. Well, I'm obviously NOT ready for that so I'll be sticking with the auto for a little while longer. :) I got the lighting pretty good, but they were all SO grainy so I basically had to increase the luminance like crazy to get (some of) the noise out of the pictures. Lesson learned. Stick with auto for now. 

Some of Hudson's favorite toys....are pets' toys. Nice, right?

Joseph got a haircut and they cut it a little short so he had to spike it up. Don't you think it just looks SO much better spiked??? (help me out, here!) He likes it brushed over better. Blah.

Hudson and his buddy Caden. They are so sweet together.

Court modeling his mom's sunglasses. Nice! Hudson enthralled by the 1.5 years old.
 Pretend these photos aren't this grainy, mmmk??

Banging on Playing the piano with Daddy.
 My next house will have the perfect spot for a baby grand piano so Momma can teach Hudson how to play, for real!

I love this, even if the quality is terrible!

My in-laws live across the street from a school and there's a nice little playground right outside their house. Hudson loved it. 
Running a few plays.
 I'm ready, coach!!

He was a little hesitant about climbing on the equipment. He probably could've done it by himself once he got comfortable, but I'm also a little nervous to let him do "big kid" stuff.

Note to self: Straighten your back!! Gah!

 He loves going down slides. Daddy had to man the bottom of the slide so pictures of that didn't get taken. He was grinning from ear to ear, though.
 You always feel like a big kid when you're up high. I know I do! ;-)

Great action shot, Daddy!

I'm glad you're getting more comfortable with things here, but Mommy ain't letting you climb up a slide. Sorry, bud! HA!

He would've sat and played with the rocks all day too.

He was a bigger fan of the swing this time, but was still done after a minute or so. Momma may have swung by herself for a few minutes. We're all just kids at heart. :)

My in-laws just got a new puppy and he is just the cutest, sweetest thing ever! I thought about sneaking him away in the diaper bag, but I didn't think Bryant and Marley would appreciate that surprise. Or maybe they would?!?!

His grandparents surprised him with a brand new car!! :) It's an early Christmas present. He loves it and thinks he's hot stuff in it.

Y'all better watch out. I got the right of way!

Already driving like a pro.

Uncle Adam introducing Hudson to one of the finer toys of childhood....the Whoopee Cushion.

So sweet. Caden was sitting on the floor and Hudson just sat right in his lap.

I love how much my child is Joseph's family and mine. He is one blessed little boy to have so many special people in his life. We had a great little visit to see Uncle Adam for his birthday lunch. 

And I'm not gonna gloat too much about that game Saturday, but it sure does feel great to be from BAMA!!! I knew it would be a close game. It is LSU, after all. They're always tough and it's always a heated rivalry, which makes for a close, tension-filled game. It was unbelievable, crazy, intense, vomit-inducing....adversity overcoming, resilient, dedicated, epic....the stuff champions are made of! And I just have this feeling, #15 is coming up soon. RTR!!

I hope y'all had a great weekend as well. Happy Monday!!


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